About this website

Our lives - from our work to our leisure time - are heavily influenced by the communications industries. Technology and communication services can bring great benefits to our lives. But, when it doesn’t work for us, we know it can also cause real problems.

Advice to Ofcom has been set up by Ofcom's National Advisory Committees as a space for you to share your views and experiences on these issues. What works? What doesn't? What do you think of issues and technologies on the horizon? 

We'll also use this website to share our opinions with you, as well as to highlight things we've seen which we think are worth sharing. For more information, see our FAQ.

About us

We are Advisors on Committees based in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English Regions.

We meet regularly to comment on current Ofcom activity and to raise new matters we feel Ofcom should be looking at. To help us do that, your views and suggestions on any topic are welcome. Comment on our blogs or email us - feedback@advicetoofcom.org.uk - if you think we’re missing something.

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