Communications providers “drive their customers to distraction” - new report

Victor Meldrew

Throughout my participation in the Advisory Committee for England (ACE), the committee has been trying to address the many issues confronting consumers trying to deal with problems with various communication services.

So it is very good to see a report based on good qualitative research that illuminates these issues.

Going round in circles

Published by the Communications Consumer Panel (CCP) and entitled Going round in circles?The consumer experience of dealing with problems with communications services’, the report struck me as consistent with many issues raised over the years and I would recommend it to anyone with a serious concern over how to improve the processes involved in addressing these problems.

Jo Connell, Chair of the CCP, said: “Our research highlights that some consumers are suffering in silence while for others, the negative experience of contacting their provider – the time taken to resolve a complaint, the number of contacts required and the sheer level of persistence demanded to reach a solution – made the whole situation worse.


“This is simply unacceptable. That’s why we’re urging communications providers to provide better support for those consumers who are experiencing problems. We’d like to see providers review their processes and give consumers better, clearer information about service expectations.

“We’d urge providers to improve the customer contact experience through strengthening call centre staff training and achieving recognised accreditation.”

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Bill Dutton is Chairman of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for England (ACE).