Why are the nations important to Ofcom? (Video)


The devolved nations of the UK, along with the Advisory Committee for England, are charged with advising Ofcom on issues relating to the nations and regions.


The blog, Advice to Ofcom, has been developed to help open up discussion of these issues to a wider public. In that same spirit, Ofcom has recorded interviews with the heads of the various devolved nations’ committees to let them provide a more personal perspective on the role of their committees.


I would urge you to view their interviews and comment if you have feedback.

From my own perspective, I find the interviews very useful in providing a more concrete sense of the value and mission of the Advisory Committees for the Nations and Regions.

The video can be viewed here.

Bill Dutton is chair of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for England


Nations Video

I think Patricia Hodgson got it in one: 40 million people live outside the South-East of England. That's why the Nations Committees are so important.

Liz Leonard
Committee Member, Advisory Committee for Scotland