Keeping Ofcom on its toes - Wallace and Ian step down after a decade's sterling service

Wallace and Ian

Two long serving chairs of Ofcom’s Advisory Committees in the nations – Professor Wallace Ewart and Ian Clarke - are stepping down at the end of December.

Wallace (ACNI) and Ian (ACW) have been on their respective committees since 2004, taking over as chairs shortly afterwards. As such, they have seen plenty of changes within Ofcom, the sectors it regulates, and the way the organisation engages with the nations.


Ofcom’s Advisory Committees have come a long way since those early meetings and have developed into a strong source of expertise and insight.

Wallace recognised that while nations’ needs may be sometimes individual, there are more often than not common themes to be explored and a collective strength of argument to be employed.

Cross-border co-operation

Wallace was always alive to the importance of good cross-border co-operation with the Republic of Ireland.  He spotted quickly the need for Digital Switchover in Northern Ireland to be co-ordinated north and south, so viewers on both sides of the border could continue to enjoy each other’s TV channels. 

Ian Clarke is a rare commodity in that he comes from a spectrum engineering background

Ian took immediately to the wider role of providing advice to Ofcom across a wide range of issues in Wales. He argued forcefully in the interests of Welsh consumers on a diverse range of issues – 999 roaming, 4G coverage obligations, DAB rollout and the future of PSB.

He has also helped make the Welsh Committee grow from a ‘lay’ original membership into a Committee with real teeth and one that is respected throughout Ofcom for its expertise and sound advice.

Both men have given sterling service over the last 10 years – work that their successors will be no doubt keen to continue.


Maureen Edmondson and John Davies have appointed to the posts of Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland and Wales respectively. They take up their roles at the start of 2014. Find out more here.

Bill Dutton is Chairman of Ofcom's Advisory Committee for England


Having worked with both

Having worked with both Wallace and Ian on the Nations Committee, I can only endorse Bill's account of their highly constructive engagement on behalf of their committees and nations. I shall miss the cross-chat.

I look forward to working with Maureen and John.