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With access to superfast broadband patchy at best in large parts of Britain, the importance of publicly led intervention to improve the country’s fibre network has never been clearer.

If commercial operators believed they could make a return by spreading fibre further, they would likely have done so before now.  

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Ofcom’s advisory committees in each of the UK nations provide advice on matters their country is particularly interested in or concerned about.

They draw on a wide range of experience and skills to help influence and shape policy to take account of different communities across the UK and within each nation.

The new ACE members are:

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4G services from operators other than EE could be up and running by next May, according to Ofcom.

The communications regulator has released details of the auction process for new 4G licnences, with the bidding process taking place in January.

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Ofcom gets a lot of headlines for things like 4G but the growth and popularity of Community Radio is arguably one of its greatest successes.

Over two hundred community radio stations are now broadcasting in locations across the UK, after new services went live in Kent and Dorset recently.


Having recently heard from Dave Carter, one of the leaders of Digital Manchester, Ofcom's Advisory Committee for England believes that the UK has much to learn from digital initiatives being undertaken by cities across the UK.

And we believe we can help identify promising approaches to the use of media and digital technologies to enhance communication and information services to the diverse communities of our urban areas.

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There's been a significant increase in the amount of time children spend online, according to Ofcom's latest report on children's media habits. 

This does not surprise me but there seems to be a growing concern that all this new technology is “dumbing down” our children. Very rarely do we get to read about the great opportunity studies like this provides our next-generation on what is possible.

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The results speak for themselves

Is superfast broadband coming to a place near you, how does the UK compare with the rest of Europe and, in the Race Online, are we sprinting, jogging or walking?

An objective analysis is not helped by the lack of clear definition of superfast broadband with our politicians preferring something flexible and deliverable with votes on the end of it.

Who else will pay for universal access?

As Ofcom's Advisory Committee for England begins to think about understanding the diversity of cities, it is interesting to see the degree that tweets can provide a perspective on the diversity of language communities. Here is an article about mapping the language communities of London, based on tweets from Fast Company - As the work points out, it is highly biased toward the English language, given the user community of Twitter.

The diverse language communities of London
Get safe online


Over half of people in the UK (56%) have been targeted by online criminals yet millions still remain blasé about online safety, according to a new survey.

It reveals that almost a third of us claim to have no idea whether we are putting ourselves at risk and a further 40% say they need to know more about being safe online.

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There is a genuine cause for celebration at Ofcom and across the UK as the mobile network operators finally signal agreement, pledging not to bring legal challenges to the launch of 4G auctions.

This might appear to be just one more step in the right direction, but it has culminated years of negotiation with all the key stakeholders in 4G spectrum auction process, and was not at all taken-for-granted by those engaged in the discussions.

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