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Racial diversity

The lovely thing about computers is that they have search facilities when it comes to scouring key words in documents. When you put ‘diversity’ into Ofcom’s Annual Plan 2014-15 it makes five references in its thousands of words.

All of them are rather anodyne, giving the impression to those of us passionate about diversity that it really is not at the heart of this regulator’s thinking, even though it is. Take, for example:

The eye has been taken off the racial diversity ball
Channel 4 office.jpg

Ofcom is presently consulting on the terms for renewing Channel 4’s licence (see here). Earlier this week, the Advisory Committee for Scotland posted its thoughts on Advice to Ofcom (see here), find below the full submission from the Advisory Committee for England (ACE).

Duration of licence

Channel not fulfilling its public service remit
Indians with ipads small.jpg

I’m in India where I’m making a film about the slum children of Kolkata.

It strikes me how lucky I am. For these kids survival is all; access to clean water, nutritious food and shelter, everything we take for granted. They still use chalk and slate in infant classes, a far cry from even the most deprived areas of Britain.

Internet take-up highest among Indians in Britain
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