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The following remarks were delivered by Professor Patrick Barwise at the Westminster Media Forum on 6 March 2012. I am posting this version with his permission.

Today, I want to focus on getting people online. I’d like to propose that getting people online faster than in other countries should be a key part of our vision for 2020.

Guest Post from Professor Patrick Barwise on how to drive online adoption.

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In this guest post I'm combining two posts by Roger Darlington from his blog

Who is still not connected to the Net? And how do we tackle some of the challenges of digital inclusion?
Catherine Howe

Guest post from Catherine Howe with her thoughts on the key findings from the new Oxford Internet Survey.

This post, by Communications Consumer Panel member Roger Darlington, originally appeared on his blog. We thought it was worth sharing with you too. Any comments posted below will be shared with Roger and vice versa.


This guest post from Roger Darlington asks for your input on how Ofcom should consult citizens and consumers.

Following on from Bill Dutton's recent post on media plurality,  Advice to Ofcom readers might be interested to see that Ofcom has now formally invited comments on measuring media plurality, following a request to consider this area by the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt.

Ofcom invites comments on measuring media plurality

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Local TV

Yesterday DCMS published details of the areas identified by Ofcom as suitable for local TV.

Round up of the latest DCMS announcements on Local TV
Online TV

There was a piece in the Evening Standard yesterday, picking up on the CMR 2011, and commenting on the fact that: "More than a third of Londoners now watch television shows online rather that via traditional channels."

Read the whole article here.

Evening Standard article on how the capital is leading the way in online TV viewing.

Earlier this week Ofcom produced its eighth annual Communications Market report. Reports of the UK report majored on Ofcom data relating to "the extent to which the UK has become addicted to smartphones, with people confessing to using them everywhere from the dining table to the bathroom and bedroom."

Links to some of the media coverage for Ofcom's 2011 Communications Market Report.
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