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The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has released its much vaunted, year long, study “Spreading the benefits of Digital Participation”, its blueprint for universal digital participation in Scotland. It stipulates three priority areas - access, motivation and skills development.

The internet needs to be a safe place

The plan to reduce the welfare budget by £18 billion will have significant implications for the Citizens Advice service and the thousands of individuals who seek its help each year. In addition, it is the UK government’s mission to get up to 80% of welfare benefits applications submitted online.

This leaves Citizens Advice with the difficult issue of sticking to the provision of advice or going further and actively helping those struggling with electronic applications to get online.

IT training?

Digital gap turning into a dgital gulf

Is superfast broadband coming to a place near you, how does the UK compare with the rest of Europe and, in the Race Online, are we sprinting, jogging or walking?

An objective analysis is not helped by the lack of clear definition of superfast broadband with our politicians preferring something flexible and deliverable with votes on the end of it.

Who else will pay for universal access?
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