The Government has named Dame Patricia Hodgson as the preferred candidate as the next Chairman of Ofcom.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee will hold a pre-appointment hearing with Dame Patricia on 17 December 2013.

As previously announced, current Ofcom Chairman Colette Bowe will step down at the end of March 2014 when her term ends.

Here's how the Guardian newspaper reported the story.

Preferred candidate to succeed Colette Bowe

The Ofcom Advisory Committee for Scotland has recently responded to the DCMS’s consultation on media ownership and plurality.

Fourteen years on from devolution, the consultation’s failure to explicitly address the distinct needs of the diverse nations of the UK is an astonishing lapse.

Online media

Plurality should be reviewed every five years
Welsh flag

The Ofcom Advisory Committee for Wales has recently submitted a response to the DCMS consultation on media ownership and plurality to provide our views on how we create and maintain a plurality of media voices in Wales and the other nations of the UK.

The devolved nations represent distinct democratic units within the UK, with their own democratic institutions. Therefore, media plurality in news and current affairs plays a vital role in ensuring a well-functioning democratic society in these nations.


Diversity as important as market share
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A Comms Review website has been launched by DCMS to invite professionals to comment on discussion papers written to inform the upcoming communications review seminars that are due take place through the summer.

The site is at: http://culture.gov.uk/news/news_stories/9156.aspx  If you have expertise in the issues of the review, please do consider this opportunity to comment.

DCMS seminars for Comms Review

Following on from Bill Dutton's recent post on media plurality,  Advice to Ofcom readers might be interested to see that Ofcom has now formally invited comments on measuring media plurality, following a request to consider this area by the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt.

Ofcom invites comments on measuring media plurality
Local TV

Yesterday DCMS published details of the areas identified by Ofcom as suitable for local TV.

Round up of the latest DCMS announcements on Local TV
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