digital radio

Digital Radio

The humble radio signal has evolved rapidly from transmission over RF to multiple pathways to the listener including analogue RF, DAB, and apps which use 3G/4G/Wi-fi.

In this sea of acronyms there is an acknowledgement that radio has changed and will continue to adapt to a world of smartphones and apps.

In the UK DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is the dominant digital platform in the UK with a 20.4% share of all radio listening.

Radio is more than a little box in your kitchen nowadays
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Some choice figures are revealed in Ofcom's latest Digital Radio Report, released today (17/10/12).

Unsurprisingly, take-up is highest in those areas where coverage is best, namely the south east of England and is above 54% in Surrey. Probably not unrelated was the finding that BBC Radio 4 Extra is the digital-only station with the largest number of listeners.

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