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Following on from Bill Dutton's recent post on media plurality,  Advice to Ofcom readers might be interested to see that Ofcom has now formally invited comments on measuring media plurality, following a request to consider this area by the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt.

Ofcom invites comments on measuring media plurality
Local TV

When people in the broadcasting business in Wales get together, there is usually a chorus of lament about the signs of decline all around them. And there is much to lament: the cuts at BBC, Wales, the continuing controversies around the future of S4C, the uncertainty over future provision of Welsh programming by ITV and the ongoing contraction of the already enfeebled newspaper industry in Wales.

Glyn Mathias on the key points to emerge at last week's conference on broadcasting held at the Institute for Welsh Affairs.
Jeremy Hunt

At the RTS Cambridge Convention Jeremy Hunt laid out his vision for a new Communications Act. One area that he focussed on was asking Ofcom to develop a platform-neutral way of measuring media plurality.

A call for input on how to measure media plurality in the digital age.
Local TV

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt came to address Scottish interests about his Local TV plans on 9 September.

In a well-attended meeting at Glasgow City Halls, he set out his rationale for his project,central to which was his view that local news would strengthen communities and engage electorates and that there was an opportunity for local businesses to sell their wares through more targeted advertising.

Feedback and links relating to the Local TV summit held in Glasgow last week.
Jeremy Hunt Newcastle

Crowds of wannabe local TV moguls are already jostling for places on the starting lines, as the Seb Coe of local media calls for entrants to 2012's other great race.

At least that's the impression created by the large turnouts to the first three Local TV Summit roadshows in a UK-wide tour by Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt.

What happened when Jeremy Hunt visited Tyneside to discuss his vision for Local TV? Olwyn Hocking reports.
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