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Ofcom wants new rules that will allow consumers to exit their mobile, landline, or broadband contract without penalty if their provider raises prices part way through its term.

The “exit without penalty” clause is the central proposal in a new consultation document, released this week, which aims to better protect consumers from mid-contract price rises.

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A recent survey conducted for the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) led to the rather remarkable headline that the British are ‘the most emotionally attached to their mobile phones’.

Advertisers need to be turn on to the possibilities
Electromagnetic field

As Chair of the Ofcom Advisory Committee for England, I’ve received a letter from a member of the public concerned about the potential harmful effects from ‘radiation’ caused by mobile networks.

The recent and rapid spread of mobile phones has raised questions over the health risks, especially for children, as discussed in an earlier post on Advice to Ofcom.

Regulation Addressing Risks of Exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields
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More than half of children now use mobile phones. For parents and carers, this can increase confidence that their child is safe, thanks to regular contact.

But is this tool to check children are safe actually putting their health at risk?

This is a topic which has been raised with several members of the Advisory Committee for England, and we'd welcome comments on how we can all work towards more definite answers to these questions.

Scientific research has not found evidence of links between health risks and mobile phones.

Protecting children from potential mobile phone health hazards
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