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I am moving on to a new position in the US and have therefore, stepped down as Chair of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for England (ACE) after chairing the committee from 2009.

On the day before my last meeting, on 12 June, I attended a reception at Oxford, wondering what the invited guests shared with each other. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was all about work with organisations like Ofcom.


Reflections on Chairing ACE

The Advisory Committee for England (ACE) is very interested in any feedback on its work.

We rely on members of the public with particular expertise and experience to let us know if we should raise specific topics or rethink our priorities as we seek to advise Ofcom staff on the regulatory issues they face.


Minutes from these meetings, which are published on the Ofcom website, give an insight into what we are discussing.

Minutes available online
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Ofcom’s advisory committees in each of the UK nations provide advice on matters their country is particularly interested in or concerned about.

They draw on a wide range of experience and skills to help influence and shape policy to take account of different communities across the UK and within each nation.

The new ACE members are:

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