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Barnie Choudhury, my colleague on the Advisory Committee for England (ACE), brought my attention to Lenny Henry’s BAFTA speech, which is available on YouTube at

Yes, says Lenny Henry

In the nations, how to deal with questions of small scale are especially important in television production and that is why out of London quotas have proved to be key to at least some decentralisation.

The same issues arise for film production, distribution and consumption. As Scotland approaches its independence referendum this September, there have been the first stirrings of debate about film policy.

Philip Schlesinger, chair of the Advisory Committee for Scotland, has been a protagonist in the discussion and here reflects on current debate.

Creative Scotland’s role in film policy is not widely regarded as successful

The Scottish government published further details this week (18th February) about its plans for culture and broadcasting in an independent Scotland (Scotland’s Future: Culture and Broadcasting).

Scottish Broadcasting Service proposed
BBC Scotland


The BBC asked me to write a comment for their website - here - on the broadcasting provisions in the Scottish Government’s White Paper, Scotland’s Future

They set it up in a useful way, as follows:

Independent Scottish broadcaster could have a trading relationship with the BBC

The Scottish Government has just published Scotland’s Future, its hefty policy blueprint for independence.

One section of this document is of special relevance to Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for Scotland(ACS), namely Chapter 9, which deals with how the Scottish Government envisages the future of broadcasting and communications regulation in an independent country.

The debate steps up a gear
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