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The following remarks were delivered by Professor Patrick Barwise at the Westminster Media Forum on 6 March 2012. I am posting this version with his permission.

Today, I want to focus on getting people online. I’d like to propose that getting people online faster than in other countries should be a key part of our vision for 2020.

Guest Post from Professor Patrick Barwise on how to drive online adoption.

A new online survey conducted by the website ParentPort reveals that, of those parents surveyed whose children watch films at home, 40% had allowed their children to watch a film classified above their age.

The survey of 1,800 respondents from the UK’s two largest online parenting communities – Mumsnet and Netmums - reveals the challenges and pressures parents face when it comes to keeping the media their children see age-appropriate.

New research reveals the challenges facing parents when it comes to their children’s use of the media

In this guest post I'm combining two posts by Roger Darlington from his blog

Who is still not connected to the Net? And how do we tackle some of the challenges of digital inclusion?
Catherine Howe

Guest post from Catherine Howe with her thoughts on the key findings from the new Oxford Internet Survey.

The Oxford Internet Institute's report on the 2011 survey of users and non-users of the Internet in Britain is now available online.  

It highlights the emergence of what we have called 'Next Generation Users', who use the Internet over multiple devices, some of which are portable, such as tablets or readers. 44 percent of Internet users in Britain are 'next generation users'.

Bill Dutton highlights the publication of this new report offering insights into the influence of the Internet on everyday life in Britain.
Alpha Gov

Do you use local and national government information services online?

Millions don't...and members of the Advisory Council for England are aware from feedback that this is sometimes because encounters can be reminiscent of a maze or a "computer says no".

Olwyn Hocking looks at the digital divide and why the results of the pilot are worth keeping an eye on.
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