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A great deal of press has accompanied Ofcom’s research that suggested teens are getting addicted to smartphones. At least 60 per cent of teenagers say they are ‘highly addicted’, and do things like bringing their smart phone into the bathroom.

When is someone an addict? Bill Dutton wonders if we're using the right language to describe our connection with technology.
Local TV

Back in March, the Advisory Committee for Wales submitted advice to Ofcom on the DCMS Local Media Action Plan and the potential impact of the UK Government’s proposals on television services and other media in Wales.

Views from the Welsh Committee on Government plans for Local TV in Wales. Do you agree with them?
Bill 2

Over the term of the Advisory Committee for England, the committee members have focused on defining a set of priorities for ACE. It would be good to get feedback on our evolving set of priorities:

Help us to define - and refine - our priorities in advising Ofcom for the year ahead.

The Advisory Committee for England has been awaiting the launch of 4G services with some anticipation.

Alongside the obvious improvements in mobile/wireless delivery of voice and data to the heavily populated parts of the UK, we consider this generation of services to be significant in addressing some of the broadband not-spot issues as next generation access plans are delivered.

4G is coming. John Varney explains why this matters.